Session on Social Media for the National Council

October 31st 2016- A session on Social media for the Hon’ble Members of the National Council and the Secretariat Staff was held today afternoon. As requested by the National Council, the Department of Information and Media organized a brief session facilitated by Dr. E.C. Lallana, also the consultant for the upcoming trainings for the Information and Media Officers on Developing Agency Social Media Strategy and for senior level Civil Servants on Social Media for Development and good governance from 2-4th November, 2016.

The session included a brief introduction to social media and focused on the characteristics of social media and how it can be used as a tool for national development.  The session crucially saw how Social Media can be integrated with Gross National Happiness in achieving the 4 pillars and also discussed the Social Media Policy of the RGoB.img_7390 img_7379