Press Release on cybersecurity leadership program

A Cybersecurity Leadership program targeting senior leadership and officials from the Royal Government of Bhutan began on the 6th of January 2022. It is supported by the Temasek Foundation and organized and implemented by the Nanyang Polytechnic International, Singapore. The program consists of a total of five 2-hour sessions spread over several weeks and is attended by 30 senior officials from across the RGOB and set to conclude on 20th January, 2022.

As Digital Transformation becomes more mainstream in Bhutan with increasing access to digital devices and high speed connectivity, the cybersecurity threat landscape is also growing and evolving. Awareness of Cybersecurity threats and challenges at the leadership level is therefore very critical. The question organizations across the RGOB face today is not ‘if’ a cyberattack will happen, but ‘when’. The degree of financial loss and reputational damage from a major cyberattack can be severe and the loss of faith in digital government an even bigger risk for Bhutan. All our senior leadership need to ask — “Are we sufficiently prepared to respond and manage a large-scale cyberattack?”.

In addition to equipping the leaders with knowledge on the global trends on Cybersecurity threats and challenges, the program include; introduction to the Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy, a sharing by a Chief Information Security Officer from a public agency on how cybersecurity can be managed in a public agency, sharing by an Industry speaker on cases of data breaches and the importance of data security, and sharing on the importance of cybersecurity manpower building and introduction to the Singapore’s skills framework on security. Therefore, speakers from relevant public agencies and industry from Singapore will be presenting valuable cybersecurity experiences and sharing valuable insights, issues and best practices.

The Department of IT and Telecom would like to take this opportunity to thank the Temasek Foundation, NanYang Polytechnic International (NYPi) and the Government of Singapore for supporting and organizing this important program.