Press Release

The Department of Information and Media, Ministry of Information and Communications is carrying out several activities for the benefit of the general public in order to make Information and Media more accessible, especially during the current times. Some of the activities include the following:

  1. Consolidated Covid Webpage

In order to streamline the communication of all Government agencies related to the Covid-19 issues in the country and to make the information easily accessible to the general public on a single page, the Department of Information and Media, Ministry of Information and Communications has developed a consolidated Covid-19 webpage This webpage has been operational since the first lockdown.

This was initiated to ensure that accurate and timely consolidated information from primary sources are provided on all Covid-19 related matters that need to be conveyed to all. The 56th Lhengye Zhungtshog decided and conveyed that all government and autonomous agencies are required to share a copy of all Press Releases/Announcements/Notifications related to Covid-19 with the Department of Information and Media via email to Rather than accessing various websites for Covid related information, anyone can directly access all information on Covid in this consolidated webpage. Since the time it was developed we have crossed 9 lakh hits and we expect these numbers to grow over time.

  1. Print Media to make soft copies available to allย  hard copy subscribers

During lockdowns, the print media has been requested to make their newspapers available to all their hard copy subscribers in soft copy format as per the SOP. They are however facing issues as many of the subscribers have not given their email addresses and we would like to take this opportunity to request subscribers to kindly send their emails to the newspapers so that they can receive their soft copies on time. The DITT and BICMA and relevant agencies are also working on providing uninterrupted internet services to facilitate access to the other services as well.ย 

  1. Facilitating Access to Information and Media in remote areas

Recognizing that information dissemination and entertainment are vital during these difficult times, the Department has in collaboration with the Bhutan InfoCom and Media Authority are facilitating installation of Ku Band Dishes in remote areas that are not reached by the Cable Television Services. This will ensure that these remote areas will have access to at least BBS connectivity. Recent surveys conducted indicate that about 29,000 households do not have BBS connectivity in the country. There are 4 licensed permit holders who are allowed to carry out installation of the Ku Band dishes in Dzongkhags that they have been designated. The Department and the BICMA are constantly monitoring and facilitating the process for smooth implementation with help from all release NEW

The Department is in the process of making information and media more accessible to the public and improving the flow of information from Government and to the government from the citizens and working towards promoting a national shared consciousness.