DoIM Overview

Establishing Purpose of Existence

Recognizing the importance of information in todayโ€™s knowledge-based society driven by information technology and with the need to create proper institutional and legal framework for a sound and holistic development of the information and communication technology (ICT) sectors in the Kingdom, the Royal Government created the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2003 through bifurcation of the erstwhile Ministry of Communications with the aim to tap the potential of rapid change in the field of information and communications technology (ICT) and cater to the policy and regulatory needs of the information, communications and media sector in the country.

From above, Department of Information and Media is responsible for implementation of the Royal Governmentโ€™s policies relating to the information and media sector and carrying out such activities and programs for attainment of the stated policy objectives. The Department has the following Vision, Mission and Mandates as stated below:

Vision: To create a vibrant and informed society towards a Shared National Consciousness

Mission: To optimize the use of information and media as a tool to nurture a knowledge-based democratic society.


  • Create conducive growth of media through formulation/consultation/collaboration with various stakeholders on issues related to policies, regulations and legislations;
  • Create right infrastructure for media uptake;
  • Develop strategies and standards for development of local contents;
  • Stimulate a vibrant and creative arts to strengthen national identity;
  • Enhance effective use of media for strengthening of democracy;
  • Facilitate the dissemination of the Government information by using the Government Web Portal and any other