Goals and Objectives


The media literacy education programme in Bhutan has the following goals:

  1. Empower Bhutanese citizens on harnessing the benefits of the effective use of media through a better understanding and appreciation of the media for a better citizenry;
  2. Foster good democratic governance by promoting free and responsive interactions between media and consumers;
  3. Provide Bhutanese citizens a critical thinking and creative problem solving skills to make them informed consumers as well as information producers;
  4. Facilitate Bhutanese citizens to become smarter and productive participants of development discourses by using media effectively and interacting actively with/through media.


  1. Develop in Bhutanese citizens essential skills of enquiry and self-expression through effective use of media, for constructive participation in a democratic society;
  2. Educate Bhutanese citizens on importance of the use of right information on right time on issues affecting their lives as well as those that they can affect;
  3. Facilitate Bhutanese people to harness the benefits of the use of media effectively and to foster the growth of a vibrant, responsive and responsible media industry through a better understanding and appreciation of the media;
  4. Foster a sense of public ownership in the media content by helping media consumers to take on greater responsibility for theirs and their family media diet, especially in choice and usage.