Media Relations Division

Media Relations Division (MRD) is established with the following mandates:

  • Monitor media coverage on Bhutan, reproduce and distribute news clippings to relevant organizations;
  • Communicate RGOB’s policies, priorities and goals relating to information and media sector as well as the plans, programs and activities of the Department through publication of information booklets, newsletters, website and other medium;
  • Develop a model for sharing of information (Bhutan Portal) among government agencies and between the government agencies and the public on a two-way basis to ensure that the public service obligations are met in an effective and transparent manner;
  • Coordinate and implement programs for training, study visits, seminars, and workshops for media personnel to enable them to produce relevant and quality
  • Facilitate/arrange participation by Bhutanese media personnel in various media events within and outside the country;
  • Process, coordinate and facilitate the visits of State leaders, VVIPs, foreign journalists and media personnel to Bhutan.